VSee Messenger Specifications


- HD up to 720p at 30 fps

- Send up to 4 camera feeds at the same time (for sharing medical peripheral cameras such as otoscope, dermatoscope, etc)

- Low minimum required upload/download speeds ~200kbps (less than Skype, Vidyo, and Cisco see http://vsee.com/videoconference)

- Network sensing streaming protocol optimized for 3G, Wifi, satellite, and congested networks

- Far-end pan, tilt, zoom camera control



- 16 KHz audio sampling

- Software acoustical echo cancellation

- special digital stethoscope audio mode

- Automatic audio over video priority during network congestion

- Audio and video lip synchronization based on Dr. Milton Chen’s Stanford PhD research


Screen and Desktop Share

- One-click on any application window to privately share that application only

- Live annotation/drawing on any shared application

- Share multiple desktop screens & select a smaller region of the desktop to share


Instant Message/Text Chat

- Send private and group IM

- drag-and-drop picture sending



- All media traffic is encrypted end-to-end at 256-bit AES

- HIPAA Compliant



- Record audio and video to the desktop

* Cloud recording available for VSee Clinic



- Does not require any video router or MCU, where VSee traffic streams directly between the computers for 1-1 calls, thus not requiring any media server. See firewall rules at vsee.com/firewall

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