VSee Clinic Supported Browsers

Javascript must be enabled, and cookies must be allowed.

  1. Internet Explorer
    1. IE 9.
    2. IE 10 (exclude IE in metro mode).
    3. IE 11 (exclude IE in metro mode).
    4. IE Edge
  2. Chrome latest version and previous version.
  3. Firefox latest version and previous version.*
  4. Safari latest version and previous version (Private mode is unsupported).
  5. Internet Browser - default browser on some Android devices.**


* Firefox not supported on iOS and Android

** Internet Browser not supported on some Android devices ie: Samsung tab 3 (Android 4.1.2), Samsung Galaxy S6 (Android 5.0).

Note: Web chat not supported on mobile devices. When a provider uses chat on VSee Clinic sites, VSee chat will be opened. This applies to iOS/Android.

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