[Mac] Video and Audio are Unavailable, Devices are Broken or Missing


MacBook Pro 



Video and audio are not working. The audio and video devices are missing or broken in the Preferences settings.

Image 1: Broken Audio Settings


Image 2: Broken Video Settings

VSee and other similar application listed the iSight camera, but the light didn't turn-on or no video when it tried to access it (and no error/warning messages from either app)



Force-Quit on VDCAssistant

  1. Quit all open apps that may try to use the FaceTime camera.
  2. Go to Application/Utilities/Activity Monitor and sort by process name
  3. Find VDCAssistant
  4. Double-Click on it to open the window about it
  5. Click on quit to stop the process 

If the problem still persists, refer to this Apple discussion page for the full list of instructions to solve the problem.

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