How to find Chat History (From versions before Release 3.2)

Due to the rewrite of chat history features in VSee version 3.2 (released March 8th 2016), the ability to load chat history in a separate window was removed.

Instead, Chat now auto-loads as you scroll up further, and in the future could possibly be securely stored on the server for easy access between different devices logged in as the same user.

However, previous chat logs are still present on the hard drive, and where required, can be easily accessed manually.

Follow below steps to retrieve the Chat logs on your platform. If you are unable to find your old chat history, please contact us at [email protected] for assistance.



- In the Start Menu, find 'Run' and execute the following path: "%appdata%/vsee". This will open the VSee data folder.

- In the newly opened folder, find the chat.<my_username>.<their_username>.bin file that you want to open. my_username is the username of your own account, and their_username the username of the account with which you chatted.

- Right click the .bin file and select 'Open With'. Select "Choose Default Program" and pick your favorite text editor. Microsoft Office or Wordpad should have no problem opening this file. Notepad won't show the text correctly due to the encoding.

- The text may lack line ends in your editor. If this is an issue, we recommend using Notepad++ and replace all the 'NUL' symbols with line ends. 



- Open your Finder

- Navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/Vsee/Chat

- You should find all the chat files here in .RTF format, which is accessible with your default text editor.

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