How to Record and Playback a Call?

When you are in a VSee call,


  1. Simply go to main menu.
  2. Click Tools, select Record...

  3. Save to your desire location at your local computer.


  1. Go to VSee > File.
  2. Click Start Recording...


Note: Screen share and file send will not be recorded.

Recording Video Playback:

Warning: Windows 10 Movie & TV player doesn't play the audio part of the recording, please refrain from using it.

VSee saves recorded video as matroska (.mkv) files. To play a file, you can use VLC media player (

To play a recorded videos side-by-side:

For VLC player on windows, go to Tools->Preference, uncheck the Allow only one instance and Use only one instance when started from file manager, then save the settings.

Then you should be able to launch more than one instance of VLC player. To play all videos at the same time, select them all then hit Play.

Please see this blog article for screenshots and information on converting .mkv files:

Alternatively, you can try third party recorders such as

Here are more options

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