Video Quality Issues - How can I improve my video quality?


There are a variety of causes for bad video quality.

Video quality problems can be either of two categories:

- Video is blurry, unfocused or low resolution, or low framerate.

- Video is freezing, stuttering or shows artifacts (parts of the video are looking weird).


CPU as cause of video quality issues

If the CPU is insufficiently strong to encode or decode video, it's likely that you'll see freezing video or a very low framerate. This is because the CPU can't keep up with the work that needs to be done to show the video correctly.

How to detect this is explained below:

Check the green graph on the video window:

- Open the Network statistics window (control + I or Settings -> Network Statistics).

If the bar is hitting 100%, the CPU is maxed out and your computer cannot process video properly. This maybe causing the delay and poor video. The less green that shows on the graph the better.


  1. Reduce video resolution. Especially when the CPU on older mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android) is not powerful enough to play or send the video.

a)  Go to your self-view video window and click on “Settings” in the bottom right-hand corner.

b) Choose “Video Settings” --> "Resolution" --> “Default” or "Low"

    2.  Mute your video, only use audio.


    3. Reduce the number of meeting participants.

    4. Upgrade your computer or mobile devices.


Other issues that can be improved to get better video quality:

- Connection Speed

- Camera Quality 

- Clean camera lens

- Improved lighting


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