Network Issue: Video Quality

If you're on Windows, go to your VSee Addressbook.  Click "Settings"-->"Network Statistics". 

If you're on Mac, go to menu, click "Window" --> "Statistics"

This will open tools to help you monitor whether it is the network, CPU, or firewall that is affecting the call quality.  



Network issue  

Check on "Delay". If you see some “spikes” that means network glitches which may cause frozen video or delay in video.


  1. Make sure you are not running other video conferencing software on your PC, e.g. Skype or any streaming applications, e.g. Dropbox . If you are, please make sure you quit those programs, and then restart VSee. (You can restart by going to your system task tray at the bottom right of your desktop, find the VSee icon.  Right click on it and select "Quit." then go to your program files and start VSee again.)
  2. Move your device closer to the Wi-Fi hotspot or the router.
  3. Use hardwire (ether cable) instead of using Wi-Fi.
  4. Reduce video resolution, we recommend that you do not use HD 720px video resolution. Especially on mobile devices, your 3G, 4G cellular network may be congested.  

a) Go to your self-view video window and click on “Settings” in the  bottom right-hand corner.

b) Choose “Video Settings” --> "Resolution"

c) Choose “Default” or "High (480p)"

     5.  Mute your video, only use audio.

     6. Reduce the number of meeting participants.



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    Norman Woollons

    The graphic showing how to adjust the video settings does not match the box that I get when I press settings.  I have no options to change the camera quality settings!  There is no button for resolution and none for frame rate.

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