How to Add Contact & Group

In your address book, click Add on the menu bar and select Invite or Import Contacts.


On the next page, you can import, send an invite or share your own vsee link so more people can join you in VSee! Your invitees will be automatically added into your address book once they sign up.


Alternatively, you can type the email address on the search box and click Find this Person.


Click the Add icon beside the contact's information to add into your address book.


If your contact does not have a VSee account yet, click Invite to VSee to send an email invite.


To create a group of contacts, click Add and select Add group.


Indicate a name for your group. Drag-and-drop anyone from your contact list.

How to call all your contacts in a group? See


Click the + button at the bottom of your address book. Select Add Contact or Add Group.




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