How to provide basic debug information to troubleshoot your issue

In order to allow our developers to better troubleshoot your issue, we're asking you to add the following information in your support ticket:

  • VSee Log File
  • Screenshot of Network Statistics Window


How to get a VSee log file:

First, launch your VSee application and take the required steps to reproduce the problem that you have a question about.


As soon as you see the problem occur, select  your local video window, and press Control+L. A "vseeLog.txt" file should appear on your desktop.
Please attach this file to your support ticket.

If you have problems connecting to VSee, you'll have to follow the steps in this article to get the log file.


As soon as you see the problem occur, press Command+L and save the log file in a place that you can find easily, such as in your 'Documents' folder, or on the desktop. Please attach this file to your support ticket.

Mobile Device: 

Unfortunately, there is no straightforward way to get a log file for these devices at the moment. Please make clear that you are using a mobile device when you contact the support team.


How to make a screenshot of the Network statistics window:


Find the Network Statistics window in your address book under 'settings'. Make sure the window is large enough to get all the information in a screenshot. Use 'Snipping Tool' from the Start Menu to 'snip' the right part of the screen and save it in an easy-to-find location. Attach this screenshot to your support ticket.


From the VSee Menu, select the Network statistics window. Then make a screenshot with the key-combination: Command-Shift-4. The screenshot will appear on your desktop as an image file. Please attach this to your support ticket.

Mobile devices:

No way to get network stats info.


If you are unable to retrieve this information, please ask our support team for a remote troubleshooting session.


Good luck! 

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