Why is video and/or audio choppy?

Three common things that affect video quality are:

  1.  Network stability
  2.  CPU speed
  3.  Firewall issues

For example, if you or a caller is using a crowded Wi-Fi or cell tower, using older computers, or on a mobile device, this may compromise the audio or video quality.

Identifying the factor that affects video quality

Go to your VSee Addressbook.  Click "Settings"-->"Network Statistics". This will open two tools to help you monitor whether it is the network, CPU, or firewall that is affecting the call quality.  

First tool: Statistics window

a. Type of connection   b. Audio bandwidth   c. Video bandwidth

d. Screen share bandwidth       e. Delay        f. CPU usage

g. Upload and download speed

Second Tool: Graphs on videos

a. CPU usage (green)          b. Delay (yellow)

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