Connection Problem (Firewall Issue)

If you're having trouble logging into VSee, it's probably because there is a firewall blocking the VSee client from communicating with VSee servers.  Try adding an exception to the VSee client in all active firewalls -- we recommend googling "add firewall exception to [your firewall program]" for instructions on how to do this. 

1. Please confirm that your local firewall (Windows firewall, Norton, etc.) is not blocking VSee traffic. You can confirm you can connect to our required servers using our Connectivity Checker.

2. Also, if you're on a corporate network it's likely there is a firewall between your network and the Internet. Please have your IT admin check our website regarding firewall rules.

3. If you have a content filter that blocks XMPP/IM services, an exception should be made for

4. If your client still remains in the 'connecting' mode upon trying to login, you should try to get log files as explained here, to send with your support ticket.

Please contact us if you continue to have issues.

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